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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are practices?

Basketball practice starts the 1st week following Labor Day. The facilities and times will be determined as soon as possible due to the uncertainty of available local facilities.


Q: When do games start and finish?

Volleyball games usually start in late August and finish in October. Basketball games usually start the first week of November. The basketball season ends with the state/regional tournaments in late February. Depending on interest, a national tournament (NCHSBC) is available in March.


Q: What are the eligibility requirements?

Details can be found in the policy and procedures. In summary:

  • No Weatherford Express player may have graduated from high school or other school of equal or higher status. 

  • All players shall be full-time homeschooled students. The student is allowed outside classes under the authority of his parents but cannot be enrolled in a public or full-time private school.

  • Generally, we follow the guidelines published on the National Christian Homeschool Championship (NCHC) eligibility web site (


Q: Are there tryouts?

Not at this time; registration determines the team rosters. The high school coaches will determine the split between Varsity and Junior Varsity. There may be occasions where teams may have enough players to form an A and B team. The coaches will determine the make up of each of those teams.


Q: What if there is not enough players in an age group to make a team?

Every effort will be made to make a team. We will pull up, if possible, to fill a team. BUT we will not deplete the younger team to fill the older team. IF no team is made due to lack of registrations, then your registration will be refunded. 


Q: How are the coaches and assistant coaches for each of the teams selected?

The coaches are selected by the sports athletic director and approved by the Board of Directors.


Q: What about Spring / Summer Leagues, Off-Season Camps? 

Spring and Summer Leagues are sponsored by various schools and organizations. The Express players will get together and sign up to play in these leagues in ordered to get additional work during the off-season. There are some Volleyball leagues as well. Contact the Athletic Director if you are interested in playing in one or more of these leagues. Various camps for volleyball and basketball are available throughout the metroplex. THe camps are usually sponsored by colleges and high schools and professional camp organizations. A list of camps will be published as the time draws near.


Q: Will other sports be added (i.e., baseball, softball, tennis, etc.)?

We are always looking to expand. We have written our policies and procedures as generic as possible to cover additional sports. We added volleyball in 2014 and had a great response. We do need to evaluate the interest, available facilities, organizational resources (directors, coaches, & helpers), cost, season overlaps, etc. before taking on additional sports. Contact the chairman concerning any ideas you may have.

Q: Who is on the board and how did they get there?

The board is appointed by current board members and elected at the General Meeting. They are listed on the web site ( click here ).


Q: Who do I pay?

Make check payable to “WEB” and mail your check and registration to:

Weatherford Express
C/O 3746 Willow Circle
Weatherford, TX 76087

Q: Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we are set up to take credit cards through the registration website. A check, bank cashiers check, and cash can also be submitted; a receipt will be provided.

Q: How much are my fees?

The fees are listed on the current year registration site. This does not include the cost of the uniforms which will be purchased later.  


Q: What about uniforms?

Uniforms are purchased from a professional uniform supply company. The uniform is purchased by the player and is the property of the player. The player is expected to take care (only wear in games, clean and store properly, etc.) of their uniform.  Uniform cost are estimated to be in the range of $80-$150 depending on the age group. Practice jerseys (reversible) are provided as part of the registration fees.


Q: What is the fee structure?

The fees consist of a family registration fee (non-refundable) and a participation fee for each player . The participation fee is indicated on the current year registration site.

Q: What does the fees cover?

The fees pay for such items as tournament entry fees, equipment (basketballs, scorebooks, etc.), gym use (practice and games), referees, administration (office supplies, web site, post office box, etc.), and insurance. In order to keep our fees reasonable, fund raisers are used to offset the cost of these items. There is an expectation of participation from each family within the Express organization. If a coach is hired, the cost is covered by fund raising or by a coach fee for those on the team.

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